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Tenant Acceptance Criteria


Income must be 2 to 3 times the total of all fixed payments per month including rent, house, car, alimony, etc...   For example, if the rent is $300, water and sewer $50 and a house payment is $200, totaling $550, income must be $1,100 to $1,650 or greater.


The primary applicant and anyone else who will have financial responsibility for paying the rent must have a good credit.  We consider overall credit score, total debt, history of making payments on time, delinquency and evictions.

Income Verification

All applications must be submitted with proof of income for the prior 90 day period.  This proof could include check-stubs, bank statements, benefit statements, etc...

Recreational Vehicle

In some of our communities we allow long-term RV stays (12 month lease.)  They must be licensed in the name of the occupant, have current title and tags, be in good running condition and appearance. We allow a maximum of 2 people per RV and this section of the park is adults only.


Pets are defined as domestic cats and dogs and are the only animals permitted in the community.  Dogs of 25 pounds or less will be permitted and approved. Each space is limited to one small dog and one additional pet (maximum of 2 pets per space.)


The parking of two (2) vehicles for each mobile home space will be permitted. Boats, RVs, trailers and work vehicles must be stored offsite or at another location outside the community and all vehicles must be registered with management.

Number of Occupants Per Home

Only 2 people per bedroom are allowed to live in a home, based on the manufacturers original designation for the number of bedrooms.  For example, a 2 bedroom home may house up to 4 people.  Note, guests are limited to 20 consecutive days or a total of 30 days in a 12 month period


At the time an application is submitted, it must accompanied by the appropriate identification for us to process the application including an original Social Security card and a government issued photo ID.

Senior Community

Perks Estates in Lakeport is designated a senior community.  This mean that all occupants of the home must be 55 or older.

Good Citizen

Living in one of our communities requires that you respect and adhere to the rules of the community and that you are a good neighbor and citizen.  

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