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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have homes or RVs for Rent?

No, we do not.  All our communities are "owner occupied" and our tenants are homeowners.  In fact, the park rules prohibit homes from being subleased or rented.  We believe this approach to managing MHPs ensures long term stability and maximizes homeowner satisfaction.

Do you offer financing for your homes?

We can refer you to 3rd parties who provide financing including local banks and lenders who specialize in MHPs.  Another good option is to consider a loan from a family member, friend or an investor who's looking for a higher rate of return.

Do you have rules for the park?

Yes, we have a very comprehensive set of rules for our communities and we follow them "to the letter."  Our rules include clauses that limit guest stays, subleasing, parking and pets.  In addition, we have some very stringent rules regarding home and lot maintenance.  Please review the rules very closely before committing to purchase a home in one of our communities.​

Must we be approved before we move in?

Yes, all home buyers who intend to keep the home they are purchasing IN the community must apply for residency and be approved by the park prior to occupancy.  If someone moves into the park with out approval, they will be required to leave within 72 hours.

Application Process, what are the steps?

The application process is simple and takes about 10 days to complete.  It starts with asking the manager for an application, which needs to be completed by all adults who plan to occupy the home.  In addition to the fully completed application, we'll need a photo ID and proof of income (check stubs, bank statements...)  Once the application is complete it will be processed for credit, employment and prior evictions.  Once approved, we will provide an acceptance letter, which will outline the remaining steps in the process that must be completed prior to occupancy.

Are utilities included in the rent?

No, all rent amounts do not include utilities.  Typically, gas and electric are provided by local 3rd parties or municipalities and the tenant is billed and pays them directly.  Water and sewer are typically "master metered," paid by the park and then these costs "passed-through" to the homeowners each month.  In some cases the park may provide water and septic and these costs will be passed-through to the tenants each month.   

Does the park profit from selling utilities?

No, we do not, we never mark-up or sell utilities at a profit.  In most states it is illegal to sell utilities at a profit.

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