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Rents, New Tenants & Notices


Why Is This Important?

The application is the first step a prospective tenant will take toward becoming a homeowner living in our community. It's critically important we manage the application process such that we quickly and accurately assess the prospect and we comply with the law. We want to say yes to the best candidates as they are most likely to pay their rents and be good citizens for many years, which makes the park much easier to manage.

What Does Success Look Like?

Success is being upbeat and enthusiastic when talking with a prospect. It's about answering all their questions as accurately and transparently as possible and learning a little more about the prospect along the way. We might ask about their age (senior park,) pets, vehicles, number of people, source of income, etc... We always provide an application (paper or online) and never discourage anyone from applying. Once the app is has been returned it will be reviewed by the manager who will contact the applicant if necessary to gather any missing information. When the application is complete, the offsite manager will start the evaluation process.

Key Success Objectives
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  • Always give an application, even if you have doubts about the quality of the prospect.

  • If the prospect has a arge dog, 2+ people per bedroom, younger than 55, politely let them know and if they request, give them an application.

  • Follow-up with the offsite manager each day on all your outsdanting applications.

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