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Rents, New Tenants & Notices


Why Is This Important?

The approval is the second step a prospective tenant will take toward becoming a homeowner living in our community. It's critically important we manage the approval process such that we quickly and accurately assess the prospect and we comply with the law. We want to say yes to the best candidates as they are most likely to pay their rents and be good citizens for many years, which makes the park much easier to manage.

What Does Success Look Like?

Success here is we complete an evaluation of the home and space, identify any exterior health and safety or cosmetic issues that need to be addressed and we incorporate list of items into the approval letter. In addition, if we have knowledge of interior health and safety issues like non-op central heat, significant leaks, infestation or unsanitary conditions, we are obligated to include these in the approval letter as well. Once the buyer knows the extent of the list and likely cost, then can negotiate the timing of the repairs and who is to pay for them with the seller. The benefit of all this to the park is that we get the possibly longstanding home and space issues resolved including clean-ups, painting, sheds repaired, etc..

Key Success Objectives
success measure.jpg
  • Gather "4 sided" and space photos once a seller puts their home on the market and upload them into RM.

  • Write up a list of items you believe needs to be addressed and along with the photos, schedule a review meeting with the offsite manager.

  • Ask the seller if they'd like to review the list and assuming they say yes, ask the offsite manager to prepare the list and provide to you for review with the seller.

  • The manager will followup to ensure all items on the approval list are to be resolved prior to or within 90 days of occupancy.

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