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Rules Enforcement

Are the Taxes & Fees Current?

Why Is This Important?

Our business model for managing MHPs requires all mobile homes or RVs to pay their annual property taxes or registration fees and have $0 balance due. In our experience, when the occupant is current on taxes and fees, they are more likely to take care of their investment, keep their lot clean and be good citizens in the park.

What Does Success Look Like?

Success here is that for every home or RV in our park we have proof of payment of property taxes or fees uploaded and stored in Rent Manager or quickly accessible to us on-line showing the property taxes or fees are paid for the current and all prior years.

Key Success Objectives
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  • The park manager will check the balance for each home scheduled on their monthly report in Rent Manager and then update the information.

  • "Checking" could include obtaining proof of payment from the tenant, calling the agency to which the annual taxes or fees are paid or visiting the agency's website.

  • For homes where there is a discrepancy and we cannot confirm the taxes and fees have been paid, the "Needs Resolution" field in Rent Manager will be set to "Yes" and the "Tax Fees Current" field to "No."

  • Follow-up actions will be initiated by the manager to resolve the discrepancies that might include a phone call to the county trreasurer or HCD, enlisting the help of the offsite manaager and/or issuing a violation notice to the tenant.

  • The manager will use the "Next Check Date" field to set a timely reminder for follow-up activity on all discrepancies.

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