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Eyes & Ears

Be Proactive and Inspect!

Why Is This Important?

Waiting for problems to occur or managing by "out of sight out of mind" is generally not a winning strategy.  This approach makes managing the park a "fire fight" of running from one problem to the next, paying a premium to get things fixed and watching good tenants move out to find a better place to live. Procrastinating, ignoring problems and waiting for things to break is a losing strategy.

What Does Success Look Like?

Success is about walking the park and taking notes about things you see and adding them to a list for follow-up.  Be inquisitive. Walk the boundaries, walk behind the homes, check out the utility connections, look inside all the park structures, look at all the trees, check to drainage ditch, etc... Take notes and photos and revisit areas of concern again in a week or a month to assess their progression. Note, this exact same inspection methodology applies to inspecting homes and spaces!

Key Success Objectives
success measure.jpg
  • Develop a inspection process and schedule that includes the homes, spaces and the park facilities.

  • Home & space issues that are discovered are to be noted in Rent Manager and notices issued when appropriate

  • Park issues should be added addressed immediately, added to the capital improvements list or worked into the monthly maintenance schedule

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