Bill, Collect & Bank

Billing, Collecting and Banking


Billing, collecting and banking the rents provides the funds to keep the lights on and maintain the park for the residents. Without income, the park would cease to exist.  Note, many of our operating costs are fixed so vacancies significantly reduce our ability to maintain and invest in the park.


Success here is about "owning it" and taking full responsibility getting the bills our, rents in, payments into Rent Manager, late fees charged, Notices to Quit distributed and if necessary, the file turned over to the attorney for eviction. The offsite property manager will help but the park manager is the person responsible for ensuring everything gets done completely, accurately and on schedule.

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  • Rent bills distributed by the 1st

  • Rents entered into Rent Manager by the 6th

  • 1st deposit on the 7th

  • Late fees posted on the 7th

  • Legal notices out to ALL late payers on the 10th

  • 2nd deposit by the last day of the month (if necessary)

  • File turned over to the attorney (if necessary)

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