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Cheap & Cheerful (CC) List

Why Is This Important?

Broken fencing, unpainted mailboxes, worn out bulletin boards, stained carpeting, etc., they all tell the tenants the owner of the park doesn't care about them. Failing to fix these "cheap and cheerful" items diminishes everyone's sense of pride in the park, erodes the tenant's trust and makes the park more difficult to manage.

What Does Success Look Like?

Success is keeping a list of these cheap and cheerful items and getting a few of them done each month, quarter, year, etc...  Typically the maintenance person can fit one or two into their total monthly hours so they are not too expensive to resolve. You might even ask the tenants why about their "pet peeves" and when you fix these, you'll have made a friend for life!

Key Success Objectives
success measure.jpg
  • Maintain a list of "cheap and cheerlful" items

  • Resolve one or two of them per month

  • If extra hours or costs are to be incurred, ask the offsite manager for approval prior to doing the work

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