Clean & Well Maintained


When parks are not properly maintained the good tenants move out and the bad ones move in.  If left unchecked, poor park maintenance practices will cause a slow downward spiral and at some point, it becomes impossible to reverse.  In addition, if park is poorly maintained, it becomes difficult to enforce the home and space maintenance rules, which further accelerates the downward cycle.


Success here starts with a regular maintenance schedule that keeps the grass mowed, the entrances clear of debris , the bathrooms cleaned, etc...   It includes items that are done less frequently like cleaning out the culvert, trimming trees and touching up paint on the clubhouse.   Capital improvements are medium to large repairs that are not in the annual operating budget. Finally, there are "cheap and cheerful" things we can do that put a smile on a tenant's face or remind them we care about the park and we are paying attention to the details.

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  • Implement a maintenace schedule of items that get done each month (varies by season) and things that get done in the spring, fall, each quarter, etc...

  • Have a regular set of vendors who get this work done for you.

  • Put together a budget for the maintenance and get it approved by the offsite manager

  • If you need to exceed budget in a month, get it pre-approved by the offsite manager

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