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Manager Services

Eyes & Ears

Why Is This Important?

Properly administering the park is essential to the long term success of the community. This service is part "eyes and ears" and reporting back to the offsite manager. It's also about keeping the data in rent manager complete and accurate, about tenants and their homes.

What Does Success Look Like?

Success here is all about routinely walking the park, taking notes and sharing this data with the offsite manager so there are no surprises! If a tenant has a car on blocks the offsite manger was notified. If the paint is thin or peeling on the clubhouse, it's on a list of things to get done. If a tenant is not the registered title holder on the home or behind on their taxes, their names appear on the appropriate report in RM.

Key Success Objectives
success measure.jpg
  • Read the Lists, Over Communicate, Be Proactive & Inspect, Rent Manager and Titles and Taxes deliverables and discuss them with the offsite manager.

  • Identify gaps where the current practices in the park do not align with the deliverables , put a plan together to resolve and reivew with the offsite manager.

  • If you have ideas or suggestions as to how the deliverable should be changed and improved, please send an email to your offsite manager.

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