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Fit It In (FI) List

Why Is This Important?

There are many things to fix at the park that are not on the Scheduled Maintenance. This might include painting, landscaping, filling potholes, etc... It's important to keep a list of these items and knock a few of them out each month. Fixing these items sends an important message to the tenants that we care about the park and are paying attention to the details!

What Does Success Look Like?

Success is tightly managing the scheduled maintenance work each month so there are a few hours left to knock out a few of the items on the Fit It In list. The offsite manager will gladly approve the materials cost (paint, plants, blacktop) when they realize these repairs are being done without additional labor costs. The tenants can provide some great suggestions as to things they'd like to see the park resolve so don't be afraid to ask them!

Key Success Objectives
success measure.jpg
  • Maintain a Fit It In list

  • Resolve one or two of them per month

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