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Marketing & Sales

Homes & Spaces, IOP Website

Why Is This Important?

We've all been online and looked at homes for sale on a website like These sites are all about marketing and their entire purpose is to identify buyers, people who are actively looking for a place to live. Only after a buyer is identified can they be qualified and then we can start selling. The more buyers we know the better as this allows to pick just the best and quickly sell our homes and fill our vacancies.

What Does Success Look Like?

Success means the website looks professional, it's clean, well designed, easy to navigate and most importantly, the Home and Space data on the site is complete and accurate. The park manager spends a few minutes each week to update the Homes and Spaces page, using the vacancy report and their knowledge of what's currently for sale in the park. Data about tenant homes for sale is easily found online or a flyer on at the homesite. Our goal here is to get the buyer to click on the "Contact Us" button so we can capture their information in our prospect database. Once we have them identified, then we can start that qualifying conversation and hopefully, get them committed to living in our community, selling them a home or filling a space!

Key Success Objectives
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  • Every home that's for sale in the park is listed in the Homes and Spaces section of the IOP website.

  • The listing includes at minimum a photo of the front of the home, price square footage and # of bedrooms and baths.

  • If there's a vacancy in the park it's also listed with a photo and some details including the type of home that can fit in the space, RV or MH, maximum size of home and features of the lot.

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