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Lot Line to Lot Line Inspection

Why Is This Important?

It's important to do a "lot line to lot line" inspection periodically so the manager forms a "baseline" view of the complete property and all it's component parts. This inspection will bring to light unknown issues including maintenance, capital improvements, rules violations, etc... Knowing about these issues at an early stage allow us to address on our schedule and more cost effectively.

What Does Success Look Like?

Success here is walking the park from one lot line to another in some methodical pattern in a single day or over a period of days and taking notes and photos of anything of concern. This includes walking the front row at the street and the back row behind the home and in between and around the homes. This also means walking in an around all the park owned structures. Talk with the tenants about anything that doesn't look right as they can definitely provide some "411." Then update those lists, make notes in rent manager be sure to bring anything of concern to the offsite manager's attention.

Key Success Objectives
success measure.jpg
  • Complete 2 lot line to lot line inspections per year

  • Write a brief one-page report of your findings and review with the offsite manager

  • Update the lists (park to-do, capital improvement, etc...) and add notes in RM for a tenant about any rules violations

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