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Why Is This Important?

When parks are not properly maintained the good tenants move out and the bad ones move in.  If left unchecked, poor park maintenance practices cause a slow downward spiral of the business and at some point becomes impossible to reverse.  In poorly maintained parks it's difficult to enforce the home and space maintenance rules, which further accelerates the downward cycle.

What Does Success Look Like?

Success here includes a scheduled maintenance (SM) list that keeps the grass mowed, the entrances clear of debris , the bathrooms cleaned, etc...   It includes items that are done perhaps once a week or just one a year (and everything in between!)   Fit It In (FI) is a list of things to get done when time permits and they are typically "one off" or done very infrequently. Capital improvements (CI) are typically larger or more expensive maintenance items, done infrequently and often with outside resources. This list might include a new roof on the club house, installing a water heater or grading out the roadways. Final mention are "cheap and cheerful" things we can do that put a smile on a tenant's face or remind them we care about the park and we are paying attention to the details.

Key Success Objectives
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  • Read the Scheduled Maintenance, Maintenance Person, Manage Vendors and the Fit It In, Capital Improvements and Cheap & Cheerful Lists and the Lot Line to Lot Line Inspection deliverables and discuss them with the offsite manager.

  • Identify gaps where the current practices in the park do not align with the deliverables , put a plan together to resolve and reivew with the offsite manager.

  • If you have ideas or suggestions as to how the deliverable should be changed and improved, please send an email to your offsite manager.

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