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Manage Vendors

Why Is This Important?

Vendors who don't provide estimates (and get upset if we ask) love emergencies and try to maximize their profit on one repair. Vendors who can't seem to diagnose a problem, get it fixed or keep it from reoccurring, like us to pay them over and over. Vendors who don't notify us when they are onsite or allow us to inspect and participate in the repairs usually have something to hide. Vendors who tell us it's really complicated or that a part cost $5K, hmmm...

What Does Success Look Like?

Success here is about finding vendors who do a good work and charge a fair price and want a long term relationship with the park. It's about having some "bench" strength so if the primary vendor is not available we can go to #2. It's also about asking vendors to give us quotes that clearly explain the services. Finally, it's about managing them while they are onsite to ensure the do the work as promised, on-time and within budget.

Key Success Objectives
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  • The manager is to maintain a list of vendors for each of the skills we need at the park (electrical, lighting, plumbing, pavement, tree trimming, etc...)

  • All estimates from vendors are to include a breakout of parts and labor, the later of which will include the number of hours and price per hour

  • The manager will build a trustful relationship with the vendors and manage them while onsite to ensure we are getting what we are paying for.

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