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Tips & Techniques

Manager Hat

Why Is This Important?

Manager's are people, too! They have friends in the park, some have jobs in the community and sometimes their relatives live just a few spaces over. Good manager's balance these roles, switching from friend to manager and back to friend and all the while, applying the rules in a fair and consistent manner.

What Does Success Look Like?

Success here means you can socialize with neighbors on one day and then come back the next with your "manager's hat" on and ask them about the weeds or paint or whatever the issue is. It means you might appear to "overlook" some issues while walking the park but you are actually just waiting for a more opportune time to get the "hat" on and engage the tenant. And don't forget, always apply the rules evenly and fairly to all!

Key Success Objectives
success measure.jpg
  • You have a "hat" and you take it with you when you venture into the park (could be a hat, clipboard, hi-viz vest, etc...)

  • When you see a tenant who's a friend and you want to speak with them, take the hat off, put the clipboard down or take off the vest, come back a little later

  • Use the term "manager's hat" in your park newsletter, when you talk with the tenants, etc, so they know when a visit is friendly or official.

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