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Marketing & Sales

Why Is This Important?

Marketing is the art of "casting the net" and attracting potential qualified buyers. Sales is the art of engaging the qualified buyers we attract through our marketing efforts and working to determine if they should become tenants of the park. When marketing and sales are ignored or done poorly, the park will have fewer qualified buyers, more vacancy and be harder to manage.

What Does Success Look Like?

Success here is all about doing just a few things very well. We use the internet, notices to our tenants and good old-fashioned signs to attract home buyers. Selling uses a teamwork model where the park and offsite manager work together to qualify buyers, show the homes, negotiate the terms, close the deal and then complete the purchase and move-in paperwork. We leverage social media, Facebook, Google, Craigslist, Rent Manager and the Iron Oak Properties website to create an effective marketing and sales effort.

Key Success Objectives
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  • Read the Social Media, Replying to Inquiries, Homes & Spaces IOP Website, Prospecting Database and Sales & Marketing Plan deliverables and discuss them with the offsite manager.

  • Identify gaps where the current practices in the park do not align with the deliverables , put a plan together to resolve and reivew with the offsite manager.

  • If you have ideas or suggestions as to how the deliverable should be changed and improved, please send an email to your offsite manager.

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