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Over Communicate!

Why Is This Important?

Managers who don't regularly communicate and leverage the skills and experience of the offsite manager are usually less successful. There are many reason for this. Some believe they have a "better system" and don't need the input or support. Some think if they don't tell the offside managers what's going on at the park it will make their job much easier. Some believe getting the bills out, rents in and the banking done is 90% of the job and everything else, not so important (in fact, it's just the opposite!) In each of these cases the manager is wrong and if not quickly corrected, things don't usually end well.

What Does Success Look Like?

Success for a park manager is about building and maintaining a courteous and professional relationship with the offsite manager.  Through this relationship, the manager learn what they need to know about managing a mobile home park to our standards and using our best practices. Communicating frequently and freely and with the offsite manager, we believe, will reduce the time, cost and stress of managing the park and maximize the likelihood of success.

Key Success Objectives
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  • The manager will complete a regular "check in" call with the offsite manager every week to 10 days to review current events and situations in their park.

  • The manager will retain ownership and responsibility for completing a task, even though the offsite property manager has offered assistance.

  • The park manager will ensure an offsite manager walks the park with them a minimum of 2 times per year.

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