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Rents, New Tenants & Notices

Primary Point of Contact

Why Is This Important?

I'm always amazed when I visit a mobile home park and ask a tenant how to get in contact with the manager and they look at me like they have no idea. The park manager is the primary point of contact for all park related activity onsite. If there's a vendor, regulator or buyer looking to purchase a home, they should be directed to the manager who can assist them in whatever it is they need. In case of a park emergency (water, electrical, tree, etc...) the manager should be the first person contacted.

What Does Success Look Like?

Success here is simple, every tenant knows the manager's name, phone number, email address and space and can put anyone with a question in contact with them within a few minutes (or at least leave a voicemail.) The tenants should feel comfortable and confident in providing this information to anyone who asks and know the manager will take care of their requests.

Key Success Objectives
success measure.jpg
  • Periodically remind the tenants about the park phone and email address

  • Put a sign at the entrance with the manager's space number and/or the park phone number

  • Designate a "2nd in command" who can assist in the absence of the manager if necessary

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