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Rent Manager

Why Is This Important?

Incomplete and inaccurate data about our tenants in Rent Manager will inevitably lead to downstream problems. What happens when we send a legal notice to a tenant’s space address and not their mailing address, which happens to be a PO box? Who do we call if there’s no emergency contact info in Rent Manager and a tenant was just rushed to the hospital after collapsing in the parking lot? What data do we show a judge to support our claim the police have been out 5 times about a problem tenant in the past 90 days if there are no notes in rent manager indicating the time, date and nature of the problem?

What Does Success Look Like?

Success with Rent Manager is about ensuring the data in the system is complete, current and accurate. It means we can get ahold of any of our tenants whenever we need to do so, including their next of kin or emergency contacts. And if we are having troubles with a particular tenant and need to go to court, we can print out and highlight the notes in Rent Manager and present this information to a judge.

Key Success Objectives
success measure.jpg
  • All adult occupants of a home are listed in Rent Manager including their full name, cell phone number, emergency contacts or next of kin

  • For "problem" tenants we've made it a point to capture the date and time and some notes about each event that's occured.

  • For tenants who've made or received complaints, these have been noted in Rent Manager.

  • Any significant events at the park including police, fire or medical activity should be captured in Rent Manager including the date, time, what happened, who was involved, wittnesses, etc...

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