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Manager Services

Rents, New Tenants & Notices

Why Is This Important?

The monthly rent provides the park the money to pay the bank, property taxes, keep the lights on and maintain the park for the residents. When tenants don't pay their rent we need to get them a legal notice that asks them to "quit or pay" so they understand this is a serious situation. Move-ins hopefully means we filled a vacancy and that means more money to cover our fixed costs (mortgage, property tax and the sewer bill.) Without the rent money, the park will soon cease to exist!

What Does Success Look Like?

Success here is about "owning it" and taking full responsibility getting the bills out, the rents in and notices to the non-payers. It's also about engaging prospective tenants, helping them make a favorable decision to move into the park and managing them through process that includes preparing the right forms, getting them signed, scanned and uploaded into Rent Manager.

Key Success Objectives
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  • Read the Rents, Applications, Approval, Signing Meeting, Notices and Primary Point of Contact deliverables and discuss them with the offsite manager.

  • Identify gaps where the current practices in the park do not align with the deliverables, put a plan together to resolve and reivew with the offsite manager.

  • If you have ideas or suggestions as to how the deliverable should be changed and improved, please send an email to your offsite manager.

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