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Marketing & Sales

Replying to Inquiries

Why Is This Important?

In selling, nothing is more important to a buyer than feeling as if someone cares, they are interested in them and would like them to move into their community. Nothing says this more loudly than a timely and thoughtful follow-up to an inquiry. The old saying, "the early bird gets the worm" is still very much true today and we are EARLY BIRDS!

What Does Success Look Like?

We follow-up on all leads in 24 hours of receipt. If a manager at the park is providing the Marketing and Sales service, they'll be responding to inquires from Craigslist, Facebook, Google, the park email and of course, the telephone. With positive responses to a few simple qualifying questions posed by the manager, the prospect is we direct them to the Iron Oak Properties website site where they can register and request an application, more information about a home or space, etc...

Key Success Objectives
success measure.jpg
  • Know which "channels" you are responsible for managing and replying to inquires.  Channels includes Google, Facebook and Craigslist.

  • Know your qualifying questions for the various types in inquiries

  • Pick a goal for Contact Us registrations and ask the offsite manager for a bonus if you exceed the number (never hurts to ask!)

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