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Tips & Techniques


Why Is This Important?

Some tenants love the manager and they want favors and the manager obliges. Some tenants hate the manager and want to be left alone and the manager obliges. The majority of the tenants think the manager doesn't follow the rules and plays favorites. No one respects the manager.

What Does Success Look Like?

Success here means the manager earns the respect of the tenants by being professional, honest and transparent.  The manager applies the rules fairly, equally and consistently, to everyone. They maintain a professional demeanor, even when serving notices for non-payment of rent or rules violations.  It means the manager doesn't try to control the tenants but rather let's them choose what they want do and simply reminds them about the consequences. The manager is even nice to the grumpy old man!

Key Success Objectives
success measure.jpg
  • Create and distribute a park newsletter, in the spring and fall, reminding tenants about "spring cleaning" and preparing for cold weather

  • In the newsletter, provide helpful info about repair folks, local agencies that provide servies, etc...

  • Be sure to acknowlegde the tenant who has "most improved" their space or home over the past 6 months!

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