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Manager Services

Rules Enforcement

Why Is This Important?

Rules enforced in a haphazard or inconsistent manner are basically rules that are not enforced at all. Once a tenant realizes they can break the rules and there are no consequences, they'll tell you what you want to here and just do whatever they want. "Letting the inmates run the asylum" never ends well and eventually this approach erodes the quality of life of everyone in the park and makes the community difficult to manage.

What Does Success Look Like?

Success here means the manager knows the rules "inside and out" and proactively, persistently, equally and fairly applies the them to every tenant in the park.  If the manager's best friend has weeds in their front yard, they get a notice.  If the old grumpy guy's house needs paint, he gets a notice.  If some parks improperly, their car gets a tow notice. The manager has no favorites, they deal with issues immediately and if an issue goes unresolved, the file will be sent off to the park attorney at the earliest possible time.

Key Success Objectives
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  • Read the Four Sided Inspection, Space Maintenance, Notices, Guests & Subleasing and the Construction Approval and Fencing, Carports, Sheds & Additions deliverables and discuss them with the offsite manager.

  • Identify gaps where the current practices in the park do not align with the deliverables , put a plan together to resolve and reivew with the offsite manager.

  • If you have ideas or suggestions as to how the deliverable should be changed and improved, please send an email to your offsite manager.

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