Tenant Relations

Rules Enforcement


Rules enforced in a haphazard or inconsistent manner are basically rules that are not enforced at all. Once a tenant realizes there's no follow-through, they'll know they can win by agreeing to comply and then just stalling the process forever.   


Success here means the manager knows the rules "inside and out" and proactively, persistently, equally and fairly applies the them to every tenant in the park.  If the manager's best friend has weeds in their front yard, they get a notice.  If the old grumpy guy's house needs paint, gets a notice.  If some parks improperly, their car gets a tow notice. The manager has no favorites, makes no delays and simply issues the notices and sends the file off to the attorney if deadlines are not met.

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  • The manager can verbally discuss and explain the reasoning behind every rule.

  • The manager issue and closes 1, 2 or 3 notices for rules violations a month

  • Once a notice is issued,  the manager will work to get the issue resolved or referred to the attorney in the shortest posible period of time.

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