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Rents, New Tenants & Notices

Signing Meeting

Why Is This Important?

The signing meeting is the third and final step a tenant takes toward becoming a homeowner in our community. It's important we prepare and get it done right. Our professionalism will give the tenant a sense of confidence about how we run the property and ensure we follow all aspects of the law.

What Does Success Look Like?

This signing meeting is a culminating event for the buyer and the park. We are happy and upbeat for the buyer and about them becoming a member of our community. A few days earlier, we contacted the buyer and offered to email all the docs so they could review them prior to the meeting. Because we've done a good job organizing all the documents, the signing meeting goes quickly and smoothly.

Key Success Objectives
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  • Develop a check list of all the documents required to be signed by the buyer related to becoming a tenant in the park.

  • Print off all the documents and highlight the the pages where the buyer needs to sign, the day prior to othe meeting.

  • At the conclusion of the meeting, scan all the documents, upload and attached to the tenant's profile in RM and email a copy to the offsite manager.

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