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Marketing & Sales

Social Media

Why Is This Important?

Marketing is the art of "casting the net" and attracting potential qualified buyers. Parks that are poorly marketed have few potential home buyers and this leads to higher levels of vacancy, lower home values and zero new home placements. Without a good marketing plan that attracts new tenants who can afford new(er) homes (new blood) the park will struggle to survive longer-term.

What Does Success Look Like?

Success with marketing means leveraging social media and the Internet, which is where most people today look for homes to purchase and spaces to rent. We do a post each week on the park Facebook page about a home for sale or an event in the park. We update our ads on Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist about a home for sale or open space each week. We direct interested parties to the Iron Oak Properties website where they can learn more about our parks, see available homes and spaces and register. The Iron Oak Properties website data is 100% complete and accurate, 7 X 24, 365!

Key Success Objectives
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  • All homes currently for sale in the park are listed on the website, complete with all the necessary details (this includes park owned and privately owned homes.)

  • All empty spaces currently available in the park are listed on the website.

  • The manager maintains all the park, home and space details on the website and it's100% complete and accurate at all times.

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