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Rules Enforcement

Space Maintenance

Why Is This Important?

Improperly maintained spaces are those with knee-deep weeds, overgrown bushes, dead or unlicensed cars, household items in the carports and yards filled with construction materials, tires, tools, furniture, etc., etc... Once a couple tenants start down this path the others think they can do the same and follow along. Then one of the messy tenants moves to a rest home, their relatives want nothing to do with the home and park is forced spend $1K's, just to haul away all the junk!

What Does Success Look Like?

Success means a quick drive through the park shows all the spaces are neat and tidy. There are no trash cans visible or stacks of firewood. The weeds or grass are mowed, the landscaping is all trimmed and the carports are uncluttered. Outside the home there are no appliances, indoor furniture, trampolines, swimming pools, etc. Tools, brooms, lawnmowers, tires, construction materials, collectibles, antiques, furniture, household items, etc,. are all located in a storage shed. If some spaces have one or more of these conditions, the manager has already discussed with the homeowner and is working to resolve.

Key Success Objectives
success measure.jpg
  • The manager will complete a 4 sided inspection of each space in the park once per year (more frequently with any space where we have concerns)

  • Photos and notes of any specific areas of concern of each space will be uploaded to the park cloud drive

  • A minimum of one 7 Day Notice will be served in the park each month from 10/1/20 to 12/31/21, to a new tenant

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