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Tenant Squabble Troubles?

Why Is This Important?

Squabbling tenants can drive you and the effected tenants more than a little crazy. Although we can't control people, there are things we can and should do to help remedy these situations. It's also important we have a plan and know what to do, we're flailing around or making things up on the fly.

What Does Success Look Like?

First and most importantly, we stay calm, even in the face of screaming tenants. If this is a "one on one" situation between two tenants, we pretty much stay back and encourage each of them individually, to find a resolution. If a 3rd tenant complains about the other two, we give them a "complaint" form and ask them to complete and return. If we receive written complaints from a couple more tenants, then we need to get involved and if necessary, issue a legal notice to any tenant who's behavior has become a nuisance in the park. If at any point in this entire process, we feel a tenant has become a threat to themselves, another person or personal property, we should dial 911 and ask the police to immediately come on site.

Key Success Objectives
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  • If a tenant makes a verbal complaint to you about another tenant, give them a complaint form and ask them to put it in writing

  • Log all significant incidents in rent manager (police come on site, physical violence, bad public beharior, etc...)

  • Issue a notice to quit should one or more tenant persist in behavior that's adversely effecting their neigbors or others in the park (if they have become a nusiance.)

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