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Titles & Taxes

Why Is This Important?

When the occupant of a home completes a purchase but fails to put their title in their name, it’s a bad sign. If they don’t care enough to get their name on the title, how likely are they to maintain the home or keep the space clean? How likely is it they'll pay the property taxes? If the answers are no, no and no, then it’s highly likely one day the park will need to take ownership of a "dead' home, pay the back tax bill and spend $10K's to rehabilitate or replace the home. Add to this all the stress of managing a bad tenant and the enormous time and effort it takes to replace the home and get it repaired and sold, it's a huge investment.

What Does Success Look Like?

Success here is simple. All the homes in the park are titled in the name of the tenant. All the homes in the park are paid-up for taxes and fees for the current/prior year is $0. If a tenant doesn't want to get these things done, they'll need to find another place to live.

Key Success Objectives
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  • In Q4 of each year the manager will obtain (from the tenant, the park files or online) a copy of the titles or registration.

  • In Q4 of each year the manager will obtain proof of payment of the prior year taxes or fees (from the tenant or online)

  • By 12/31, the manager will provide the offsite manager a list of any homes that are occupied by someone other than the titled owner and a list of homes that have yet to pay their taxes/fees.

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