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Tree Maintenance, Annual!

Why Is This Important?

We want our tenants to live in the community free of any concern a dead, dying or diseased tree is going to come crashing down and cause extensive damage to their home or property (or worse!)

What Does Success Look Like?

Success here means that we annually have someone come into the park and work on the trees. Usually this occurs in the fall, late September through early November. The manager is to keep a list of trees throughout the year which includes issues they've discovered while doing inspections or perhaps something a tenant has brought to their attention. Of course, if something is discovered or occurs earlier in the year, we may need to bring someone in to address a specific issue or concern. Reminder, the park does insure a tenant's personal property in the event a tree does fall and causes damage.

Key Success Objectives
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  • The Resident Manager will periodically inspect and maintain a list of  trees with any issues or concerns at all times 

  • All visibly dead, dying or diseased trees must be addressed 

  • We may address other trees that pose a significant risk based on size,  location, history with species in the park, etc… 

  • Other trees will be considered for the convenience of a tenant, if they are willing to pay the cost of trimming or removal

  • Quotes from vendors should be seperated into 3 lists:  Obviously dead, dying & diseased trees, which we are required by law to address.   Trees that pose a significant risk based on size,  location, history with species in the park, etc…  Other trees a tenant (or  manager) want addressed for convenience

  • Quotes must include the number of people working on the trees each  day, equipment to be used, cost per day and total cost

  • Quotes are to be shared and reviewed with the Property Manager for  approval prior to scheduling or completing work

  • NO STUMPS are to be visible from the street so ensure you quote  include stump removal or having them reduced to ground level

  • The park is responsible for all tree maintenance

  • Trees are an asset to be protected and preserved

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