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Marketing & Sales

What is Sales?

Why Is This Important?

Selling is the art of "engaging the prospects" who find us through our marketing efforts. The selling starts when we talk to a someone looking for a place to live. If we do a good job, homes sell quickly, spaces fill and we minimize vacancy. Good selling is based on asking the buyer questions to understand their situation and what they want and then putting a deal together that works for them. Without a good sales effort, it's very hard to sell new(er) and higher priced homes which often must be financed.

What Does Success Look Like?

Selling is a team effort with the offsite managers working together to walk the buyer through the sales process. The process includes the prospect considering and answer several fundamental questions like: do I want to live in this area, do I want to live in this park and do I want to live in this home? Our goal is to help the right prospects through this process. By “right” I mean those who have the funds to purchase and good income, credit and no prior legal issues. We may talk with many prospects before we find just one where everything aligns and we get a deal done. All the information we gather along the way about the other prospects will be saved on the website (in the prospect database) so we can use the information again in the future when we have another home to sell or space to fill. Some of our best prospects today might be buyers we didn't get closed a year ago!

Key Success Objectives
success measure.jpg
  • All applicants are registered on the IOP webiste (either they register or the manager registers for them.)

  • We use the website to keep track of and manage our applicants through the process

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